Decline and Fall?? Dude, he was pushed

So according to the NYT, Helmut Lang’s business sucked so bad, that sales dropped 60%–from $100 million to $37 million–over five years, and Prada rattles off a whole host of reasons why. It’s terrorism, Lang’s lack of business sense, he just wasn’t friendly, he cared more about art than fashion. And then there’s the possible effect of Bertelli’s decision to cancel the company’s jeans licenses “which were responsible for more than half of the brand’s revenues.”
Prada and Bertelli bought and killed a major one-time threat to their own power, and now they spin and cover it up with the willing help of the Times and the rest of the kiss-ass fashion press. They’re the Bush & Cheney of the fashion world. I have a feeling Karl Rove’ll be dressing better real soon.
I said it before, but damn, those people piss me off.
Decline and Fall of Helmut Lang [nyt]
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