Mixtapes, Hip Hop, & Hypocrisy In The NYT

The Times’ Kelefa Sanneh sounds pissed off, but weary, as he unpacks the contradictions and outright hypocrisy of mixtapes and the RIAA’s stunt raid on Mondo Kim’s last week:

So while record labels donate money to honor a man who helped promote mixtapes, the trade group representing the labels cracks down on those who sell them. And who goes to jail? Well, suffice it to say that the police haven’t arrested any of the major-label record executives who profit from the hype generated by mixtapes.And who scout out new talent at Kim’s. And the RIAA neglects to mention that the artists whose authority they claim also work hand in hand with mixtape producers to release, promote, test, and experiment with tracks.
Mixtape Crackdown Sends a Mixed Message [nyt]