It Depends On What The Meaning Of ‘Freedom’ Is

Upset that the Wall Street Journal is having all the fun, what with all the Bush Republican-campaigning sisters of dead Sept. 11th pilots demagoguing about whose “truth” is in and whose “propaganda” is out at the WTC site, the New York Daily News tried to gin up a controversy of its own about, of all things, The Drawing Center.
At least the critics of the International Freedom Center’s are sophisticated (sophistry-cated?) enough to demand that no politically distorted manipulations of “history” or “freedom” be allowed to cloud the memories of the people who were killed on Sept. 11th. [Except, of course, the revealed truth of the Gospel according to the Bush Administration, but who’d ever doubt that? Terrorists and their friends, that’s who.]
Left to pick up the crumbs of the new Political Correctness table, the Daily News got suddenly outraged at “anti-American” art–four pieces that have been critical of George Bush or the US–shown at The Drawing Center since 2001, and “demanded” that something be done about it. Doing his best combover and his steeliest resolve, George Pataki declared that he’ll never let any anti-American art be shown at the WTC site.
Governor, I know Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani was a pandering, fascistic, constitutionally guaranteed freedom of artistic speech-trampling mayor of mine. And you sir, are no Rudy Giuliani. Not for lack of trying, though.
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Previously (06/2004): WTC Site Cultural Anchor: The Drawing Center?? Ironically, the Daily News cites the vast, painstakingly investigated and researched [!] schematics of the late artist Marc Lombardi. The work they complain about maps out ties between the George W. Bush’s Harken Energy, the Saudi royal family, and the Bin Laden family. The title says, “fifth version, 1979-1990.” It was made in 1999. Lombardi took his own life in 2000.