Who Has Final Cut At The Lincoln Memorial?

About that 8-minute short subject documentary showing at the Lincoln Memorial, the one about all the people who use “America’s Soapbox” to protest in support of their causes? Well, the Religious Right screened the first cut, and they loved it, they just had a few notes… Aww, who’re we kidding? They hated it, and they had a ton of notes, which they sent to the producers at the National Park Service. So consider that you’ve been watching the rough cut of history for the last ten years.
Of course, to even see the production notes required a FOIA request, and even then, major portions of the conservative suits’ demands and the NPS’s editing decisions that flowed out of them have been redacted. So until the Extra-Special Impeachment Edition DVD comes out sometime after Jan. 20, 2009, this is about all we know of their re-edits:

  • Lose that Clinton character.
  • Add more pro-gun marches.
  • Nixon protesters? They’re hippies. Take’em out.
  • What’s with The Gays? Cut’em. You want people to think Lincoln approved of man-on-man action? [Wait, don’t answer that.]
  • Add some Pro-Iraq War marches [note: maybe we can bluescreen some town hall rally footage onto the Memorial steps? tk]

    Lincoln Memorial Video May Be Revised
    [guardian, via robotwisdom]
    View Lincoln Memorial’s 8-min short [ap.org]