2005-07-25, This Week In The New Yorker

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Issue of 2005-07-25
Posted 2005-07-18
COMMENT/ NOT SCARED/ Adam Gopnik on the mood in London on the day of the bombings.
MIRROR, MIRROR/ FACE-OFF/ Ben McGrath on what we might see in a candidate’s countenance.
DEPT. OF TRYOUTS/ LOW NOTES/ Ryan D’Agostino on the search for a new bass player at the Met.
SPINOFF DEPT./ REPORTER GUY/ David Remnick on Stephen Colbert’s new fake-news show.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ A FAREWELL TO ALMS?/ James Surowiecki on how foreign aid is administered.
VATICAN NOTEBOOK/ Anthony Grafton/ Reading Ratzinger/ What the Pope’s theological writings reveal.*
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Noah Baumbach/ My Dog Is Tom Cruise
ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ Get Out the Vote/ Did Washington campaign in Iraq’s election?
A REPORTER AT LARGE/ William Finnegan/ The Terrorism Beat/ Inside the city’s defense command centers.*
ANNALS OF MEDICINE/ John Colapinto/ Bloodsuckers/ Leeches are good for you after all.*
FICTION/ Tobias Wolff/ “Awaiting Orders”
BOOKS/ James Wood/ Red Planet/ The sanguinary sublime of Cormac McCarthy.
BOOKS/ Joan Acocella/ Devil’s Work/ Hilary Mantel’s ghosts.
DANCING/ Joan Acocella/ Recovered Treasure/ Frederick Ashton’s “Sylvia” and George Balanchine’s “Don Quixote.”
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ Anthony Lane/ Making Mischief/ “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Wedding Crashers.”
* Not currently online.
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