The Withdrawing Center?

Well, that’s one way to keep the memory of September 11th alive. Remember how people had these stories about how they were supposed to be at the World Trade Center, but then for whatever reason, they didn’t go? And how lucky they felt?
Well, now you can add The Drawing Center–and possibly the Joyce and Signature Theaters to that list. The Drawing Center is putting its move and development plans on hold until it gets assurance that its curatorial program won’t be subjected to LMDC or any other governmentally mandated censorship.
In related news, the Freedom* Center, which is to share space with the Drawing Center, “in response to a request by Gov. George Pataki, has assured the LMDC that its content wouldn’t be un-American.”
* offer not valid if it displeases anyone named George.
Drawing Center may quit WTC [crain’s, via curbed]