Strictly Murderball

Radar Online has a print-sized [i.e., too short] q&a with Murderball co-director Dana Adam Shapiro, but it’s mostly about his novel [The Every Boy] and his childhood. It’s interesting that filmmakers don’t get asked how autobiographical their work is as much as novelists do.
On A Roll [radaronline]
Meanwhile, Murderballer Mark Zupan talks to WPS1’s Stephen Schaefer as part of a cross-country, film-promoting, drink-a-thon, which he also blogs about on Zupan is like the wheelchair guy on Jackass, if Jackass had a wheelchair guy, so most of his schtick is about being such a badass.

Beyond The Subtitles: Mark Zupan Interview
Rock & Roll, Mark Zupan’s blog []