Q: One Sheets To Get A Documentary Rolling

Turning from the descent of our country into unaccountable, repressive totalitarianism for a moment…
A reader emailed a question that I thought would be interesting to open up to other readers, too. He’s preparing to make a documentary on a band:

So now as I approach this project, which I intend to direct and shoot primarily myself, I am having trouble organizing my thoughts into the right style treatment for something of this nature. I am aiming for a “one sheet” that gets the point across and will be easy for the band/record company to read and comprehend. Do you have an example of something like this or know where I could go to find one? I would just love to get some ideas on how to format this thing.

Examples, not advice, necessarily, although I’m sure good advice/experiences would not be unhelpful. Send them in or point to them, and I’ll post the results here.
I’ve heard from TV show-pitching friends that people now want to see pilots and trailers more than treatments, little DV sketches of what a show’d actually look like. It reminds me of the pitch for Team America World Police, which consisted of a Thunderbirds episode overdubbed by Matt Parker and Trey Stone; it got the point across and conveyed the essence of what the film would be [or, in this case, should’ve been].
Still, it’ll be easier to get a record exec to skim a one-page treatment than to pop in a dvd, so so far, my advice is netting zero.