Penguin Filmmakers Behaving Badly

Dateline, Paris [of course]:

In Hollywood, meanwhile, the jockeying for credit on March of the Penguins was taking place. Last month, Jordan Roberts, a film director turned writer, claimed credit in a Los Angeles Times article for essentially “re-envisioning” the film by writing the narration and substituting a new soundtrack.
Mr. Jacquet scoffs at that view. “There are millions of people around the planet who like the French version, my version,” he said with a laugh. And like the penguin stars of the movie, Mr. Jacquet has never met Mr. Roberts.

Of course, the ones that saw Roberts’ reworking of your treacly Look Who’s Talking! version have been stuffing $71 million down your gullet, Mr. Jacquet.
Compared With Their Filmmakers, the Penguins Have It Easy [nyt]