Buttkissing for Thumbsucking

On the occasion of the UK opening of Mike Mills’ Thumbsucker, the Observer (their Observer, that is) gives the nearly aristocratic Tilda Swinton a good, hard, philosophical fawning over:

I ask Swinton what were considered virtues in her family. She thinks for a while, then says, with an ironic smile, ‘Not drawing attention to yourself. Not expressing an opinion. Stoicism. Being a good host – something that I still stand by. I’m very grateful for that genetic programming. Being able to laugh things off – also happy to have that one. Camaraderie – you know, trench warfare. I have a brother who’s a soldier and whenever I talk to him about why he’s in the army, the things he mentions are the reasons I love making films.’ Funnily enough, Jarman once noted in his diary: ‘In my own strange way I’m in love with both Keith [his companion] and Tilda, though love is perhaps not the right word. Perhaps a camaraderie, something more military. A friendship and partnership.’

Still worth a read, though.
Tilda opens up: “Pale, posh and scarily clever…” [observer.co.uk]