Shlog-Hinten Mountain

So the new year’s not starting off that great. I found this great vintage Jewish cowboy belt buckle on ebay…

Beautiful old belt buckle has nice detail. Features the Star of David. It is intricately worked in sterling silver. The buckle is marked Plata de Jalisco .925 V.H.L.C. Guad. Mex. and also has the number 43 on the back buckle. This buckle measures aprox. 3.5″ long by 2.” Take a look. Nice from estate. Prominent Jewish family on Chicago’s north shore whom enjoyed Western style attire…ordered shirts, belts, shoes and other items from Porters Cowboy Store/Catalog Pheonix, AZ…

…but I just lost it at the last second to a hardcore Westernwear collector.
See, I wanted it for a Yiddish remake of Brokeback Mountain and uh, well, never mind. Back to the drawing board.
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