Get A Grip

You can fake the accent, you can fake the peppy talks with the troops [oh, actually, you can’t fake those anymore, sorry], and when it’s off-camera, you can fake being a rancher. But what you can’t fake, turns out, is looking like you’ve ever hammered a damn thing in your life.
The problem here is the same as it’s always been: too many conflicting backstories for the character either muddles the plot along the way, or it mucks up the ending [guess which one we’re at now]. The jus’folks ever’man-o-God vs the “happy bottom quartile” Andover/Yale legacy vs the HBS Big Picture CEO President who supposedly picks the most talented people around and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.
Well, you should’ve had a grip build this set, GWB, because as David Letterman points out, you hammer “like a little girl.”

Choking The Hammer
(not Tom DeLay, sorry) [, video via robotwisdom]