Awesomest DVD Extra Of The Year Award Nominee: Steve Carell Chest-Waxing Docu

Unrated is the new Rated R. In addition to 17 additional minutes of edited-out footage, the New Unrated Version DVD of The 40-Year-Old Virgin contains “a four-camera behind-the-scenes look at Steve Carell’s character, Andy Stitzer, having his chest waxed.”
I feel like I’m letting down my hairier readers, but I’m unfortunately not going to be able to make the “Hairiest Chest Waxing Contest!” promotional tie-in being held in 17 markets around the country on Tuesday. [Of course, if they threw in some earlobe- and back-waxing while they’re at it, I might be persuaded to rearrange my schedule.]
As of December 13th, The 40-Year-Old Virgin will be available in both R and Unrated DVD versions. Collect them all!