A Suggestion For Wrapping All My Gifts


I know that any day now, hundreds of readers will be emailing me, asking for suggestions on how I’d like my gifts wrapped. The answer is below. To the swiftest 150 or so of you, I suggest Cool Hunting’s limited artist-edition wrapping paper. There are two sheets of each of three designs in each set, so if for some reason you’re giving me fewer than six large gifts, you could share amongst yourselves. Above is Derek Aylward’s design. Is it tacky to mention the price? No, it is not. $24.


If six sheets aren’t enough, or if you’re too slow, I suggest the silvery silhouetted goodness of 2×4’s “New World Order” wrapping paper for Cabinet Magazine. 3 sheets are $10, and you can fit 6-9 in each mailing tube.