Not That You’d Look To The WTC Site For Holiday Cheer,

And it’s true that things have been worse down there…
but seriously, is there nothing that can be done to stop the slide into disgusting travesty that the George Pataki is permitting the Port Authority to perpetuate?

  • People who cared about art and culture and constructive memorializing sound like they hold no hope for the WTC site now.
  • The memorial’s core feature–waterfalls into the voids of the footprints–will be turned off in the winter. Because no one thought of this before? Please.
  • Silverstein vs. Port Authority; empty office towers vs. a mall. If we’d known four three years ago the end game was to be a replica of the Jersey City side of the PATH train, would there have been an outcry?

    Controversy Still Clouds Prospects at 9/11 Site
    What does $1,000,000,000–“excuse me, make that $1.4 billion”–get you downtown? [miss representation]
    WTC Memorial Official: Waterfalls will close in the winter [dt express, via curbed]