WH Beat Photogs Upset At Staged Photographs They Don’t Take

Stockholm Syndrome? Job security? The White House News Photographers Association was so worried about the sharp increase of staged photographs, they undertook a study and filed a complaint about it with White House Productions.
Don’t get them wrong; they’re not complaining about the image control the White House exerts via Scott Sforza’s strategically placed backdrops and camera pens. They’re upset at the increasing number of WH events at which press was banned altogether, and the only pictures released were from WH staff photographers. Funny, because back in the day [aka 2001-3], the only way you could make out the artificiality of Sforzian Backdrops was via the inside-the-ropeline WH cameras.
Photogs Slam White House Use of Staged Pictures [e&p via mediabistro and man]
Will this be on the White House DVD?