Speaking Truthiness To Power

I don’t know what was more hilarious: Stephen Colbert’s speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or the not-at-all-amused faces on some of the folks in the crowd at his unflinching criticism, which was delivered, of course, wrapped in Colbert’s dumbly sycophantic supporter character.
There were, of course, obligatory “defending the American way of staging elaborate photo-ops” jokes.
I know what wasn’t funny, though: the interminable audition tape bit, which dragged on ten times too long and was lamer than the ending of a hundred SNL sketches rolled together.
I made a Fatal Attraction spoof in college that was supposed to be funny-suspenseful, too, and even some of our 100x-too-long scenes were shorter than this Helen Thomas bit.
Anyway, here’s the YouTube, in three parts. Do you get my point that you really only need to watch two?