I Still Get People Asking Me For Sofia’s Number

Usually, they’re slightly off-kilter but harmless fans, who seem to believe that if they can only get their pitch to their favorite director, they’ll make beautiful music together.
Turns out Wes Anderson has fans like that, too, only their names are Steely and Dan:

So the question, Mr. Anderson, remains: what is to be done? As we have done with previous clients, we have taken the liberty of creating two alternative strategies that we believe will insure success – in this case, success for you and your little company of players. Each of us – Donald and Walter – has composed a TITLE SONG which could serve as a powerful organizing element and a rallying cry for you and Owen and Jason and the others, lest you lose your way and fall into the same old traps.

that’s pure awesome on a stick.
ATTENTION, WES ANDERSON [steelydan.com via waxy]