Q: Black MacBook vs. MacBook Pro?

A question to Mac heads out there: I’m thinking of getting a new machine, and I want to hear how/what people have decided: I want a new laptop, that will run Final Cut Pro, obviously, but that’s easy and portable enough to take on the plane and train regularly.
I can’t decide between the 13″ black MacBook and the 15″ MacBook Pro.[1] On paper, the performance seems nearly identical, as if it’s only the screen size that differs. Frankly, I don’t feel like such a size queen that I have to have the bigger screen, but is the 13″ really just too small to run FCP effectively? What about combining it with a bigger monitor at home?
And now the real question: does the MacBook scream “cheap,” while the black MacBook screams “I paid $150 to look like a Thinkpad, but I won’t pay $400 for a much better computer!” Or does the MacBook Pro scream “I’ll buy anything Jobs tells me too, the bigger the better!”
John Hodgman is proving to be of little help on this matter.
[1] The white MacBook seems cheap to me, and a little girly [pace everyone], and the 17″ Pro just seems unwieldly. So, like an SAT question, you can eliminate A and D immediately.