Arty Like It’s 2001

Roll up a host of moribund art magazines.
Start an art news portal.
Launch a big, glogsy new magazine about the [sic] Biennale Lifestyle.
Buy an art fair.
It hurts to say it because I have friends there, but am I the only one who thinks everything LTB does is like five years behind the actual art world it’s chasing?
Rather than be an also-ran in every possible endeavor, why not take some time to think and get ahead of the game? Make a difference and stake a claim and support something that no one else is, or that no one else can see? Rather than be the artnet of 1997, why not be the artangel of 1993? Or the early Lightning Field-era Dia of 1977, or of Chelsea-settling 1987, for that matter? Or the Lannan Foundation of whenever?
Because as the NetJets guy in Miami’ll tell you, the one thing the art world is not short of is ambitious multimillionaires jonesing for an audience.