If Rem Were Just A Lousy Tipper, It Would Be Enough

Philip Nobel encapsulates my hate-to-love/hate relationship with Rem Koolhaas and his work in this greatly entertaining Metropolis Mag column, “I ♥ IIT… But I Still Don’t Like Rem”. [1]
Rem may have changed my thinking about China with a late 1990’s Columbia lecture that should’ve been called Delirious Pearl River Delta, but after being disappointed by supposedly seminal buildings from Utrecht to Lille to Prince Street and more, I can really find no excuse anymore for his antics.
And besides that, the Prada Parfums website is an AGONIZING, MIND-NUMBING EMBARASSMENT. A.M.Oy. [fortunately for the world, no one’s seeing it.]
[1] My tab bar shows that “|” is actually a “[heart]”, but I think a “|” is better, especially for Mies’s IIT. Kind of like those “I [square] Judd” stickers they sell in Marfa.