A New Life Awaits You In The Off-World Colonies

Right before the movie came out, I remember seeing a puff piece about how they used a dialogue consultant to figure out the slang of the future in Judge Dredd Demolition Man [thanks, Jason, Sandra Bullock’s other biggest fan]. Also, they had Sylvester Stallone climbing out of the solid Styrofoam interior of his car after a crash. It felt like they were trying too hard and on the absolute wrong things. [Never did see that movie, wonder how it turned out?]
Anyway, the opposite seems true in these two cases. This is the kind of stuff you like to see after the movie’s out–or discover via freezeframe for yourself.
Foreign Office has a reel of their ambient video, commercials, and graphic/info set dressings for Cuaron’s Children of Men. [foreignoffice.com via waxy]
Armin has a collection of graphic design, logos, and signage from Mike Judge’s Idocracy which is pretty awesome. Fox threw Idiocracy in the dumpster soon after it was born. If anyone figures out the way to buy it that gives them the absolute least amount of money possible, please let me know. [underconsideration via kottke]