Grindhouse Lives Up To It’s Name

Jason caught a Guardian article saying that the Weinsteins are going to split Grindhouse in two: “There have been reports that many film-goers have been confused by the movie’s structure – mistakenly assuming that there was only one film on offer and leaving the cinema en-masse after the Rodriguez section.”
Having seen Grindhouse on opening night, I can only suggest the obvious: maybe people are leaving early because Rodriguez’s film sucks and blows simultaneously, and they’re trying to cut their losses?
Tarantino’s film is infinitely better, even in the trashfilm terms the two movies purportedly want to be judged on. I wish I’d gone to the previous showing of Deathproof, hung out in the lobby, then sneaked back into catch Planet Terror. Which I’d have then left early. Oy.

Grindhouse to be sawn in two?
[guardian via kottke]