Will Talk For Food, Drink, Honorarium

Just as he has done for insurance executive Robert Rosenkrantz’s thoughtful affairs, for just a few basis points, Christopher Hitchens will pepper your next client-heavy dinner party with not unfollowable latin legalisms:

“I think there’s a big incentive among people in finance to prove to themselves that they aren’t just bean counters or whatever,” he said, adding that he had recently been paid to attend a small dinner party with a group of strangers from the hedge fund industry. “They don’t want to just be the fat guy with a cigar in the New Yorker cartoon.”

Also Rosenkrantz does not have a jet, only a jet share. Just the kind of revelation that might have once made for an awkward revelation at a dinner party. Sounds like progress to me!
A Hobby That’s Part Party, Part Debate, All Intellect [nyt]