Remembering Perv

So for 15/20ths of my time on the elliptical machine yesterday, CNN was, in their words, “Remembering Merv”, all while apparently forgetting his sexual harassment and palimony suits or his closeted, right-wing conservative support of Reagan and his sudden lack of gabbiness when the subject of the then-emerging AIDS epidemic.
Then in the car home, the second story on NPR–after the Tragic Loss of Merv–was one CNN didn’t even put in the crawl. It was a quote from the US’s Important Ally in the War Against Terror, Pervez Musharaff, who acknowledged that the Taliban was getting support from Pakistan’s tribal areas. And then he made all sorts of conciliatory, friendly remarks about helping them out, and bringing their well-meaning constituents to the table.
Seriously. All we need now is to worry a bit more about Lizzie Grubman’s driving and the whereabouts of Chandra Levy, and we’re set.