Introducing The Suck Cola Registry

The Suck Cola Registry # SC0005, originally uploaded by gregorg.

In 1996, I went to some weird little Internet expo at the New York Coliseum. The folks from were there, and I got this bottle of Suck Classic Cola. It was my first piece of WWW swag [no one really said “dotcom” yet in 1996 who didn’t work for Time Magazine.]
I know of one other bottle. At least until he quit, it was on the bookshelf in a friend’s office at Time Warner [which, ironically, was built on the site of the NY Coliseum]. Except for three <3-hour periods when I moved, and this morning when it dropped on my foot, mine has been in my refrigerator since 1996. 1996 was the year Suck memorialized Coca Cola’s beautiful utter failure of Gen X marketing, OK Soda by calling for OK fans to send them cans, promotional materials, even vending machines.
It is in that spirit, but without a bunch of old Coke bottles coming to me, that I hereby inaugurate The Suck Cola Registry, a virtual gathering of all the world’s remaining bottles of Suck Cola.
If you have a bottle or know of a bottle of Suck Cola, please add it to the Registry. by providing the following data:
Cola Owner
Cola Photo [jpg or URL]
Cola Location [i.e., city/state/country, not “in a box in my storage unit”]
After your Cola information is reviewed and validated, you will be issued a Suck Cola Registry Number. I have designated my bottle SC0005, having reserved the first four Registry Numbers, SC0001-SC0004, for co-founders Joey Anuff and Carl Steadman. Thank you.
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