I Think He Said The Secretary Of The Utah Correctional Association Is Near.

Oh my heck, if you read the Washington Post’s article on black folk in Utah, be sure you read it to the end. I love my people and all, but seriously, it is time to wake up:

When [Rodger] Griffin [an African American HR administrator who moved to Utah from Delaware] was voted secretary of the Utah Correctional Association, the 300 people casting ballots did not lay eyes on him until he rose, expecting the applause showered on every other winner asked to stand. What greeted him instead was “exactly” the silence Cleavon Little encounters in “Blazing Saddles,” when his character, the black sheriff, enters a small Western town.
“I’ve had so many weird experiences like that,” said Griffin. “I went to San Francisco, and people didn’t stare at me. And it made me very uncomfortable, because everyone always stares at me.”

A Different State of Race Relations