Click & Clack Funny As Heart Attack

Look, I love Car Talk as much as the next guy, but holy smokes, the excerpt from their new, animated sitcom for PBS, Click and Clack: As The Wrench Turns, is utterly unwatchable. It’s three minutes long, and they have maybe 25 words between them; what’s the point of having these two supposedly great characters if you don’t use them?
I’d much rather watch them drive around the LA freeways looking for car trouble. Which happens to have been the pitch for their first TV show:

Their initial foray, some two decades ago, was to be a show in which they roamed the freeways in and around Los Angeles, looking for broken-down cars. But after numerous missteps, including taping before obtaining a permit, the project was shelved, Ray Magliozzi recalled.

Welcome to Toontown, Radio Guys [nyt]