Went To See Double Negative Yesterday. Film At 11

So all this time I imagine that Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, dug into the edge of Mormon Mesa, is like the lost earthwork, no one can get to it, no one can find it, &c., &c.

Turns out
the thing’s an hour outside Las Vegas, like 15 minutes from cheery downtown Overton, which is an exit on I-15. At least I assume downtown Overton’s cheery; we didn’t actually make it that far. Turned off by the airport, took Mormon Mesa Rd. across, then turned left onto, uh, Double Negative Way, just before the cattle guard.
If Spiral Jetty was this easy to visit, there’d be a day spa there by now. Or at least a Cracker Barrel.
driving directions to get you almost all the way to Double Negative, then you just drive slowly north along the scalloped edge of the mesa, three scallops, and you’re there!