White Cube Of Surrender?

Am I the only one who’s heard rumours of bankruptcies in diamond-encrusted skull-showing places?
update: apparently so. Last major financial transactions reported for Jay Jopling include buying £7.2 million worth of his own artist’s work at Sotheby’s in September. This, after leaking news before the auction that the gallery still had £100 million or so worth of Hirsts in inventory, no waiting. And that, before it was reported that in fact, Damien Hirst sold his £50 million [asking] diamond skull to himself, his manager Frank Dunphy, and his dealer, Jay Jopling.
So it would be interesting to speculate, perhaps, that one of White Cube’s biggest creditors could be Hirst. It would be ironic to say the least if the artist ended up owning the gallery.
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