If You Don’t Make It Here, You’ll Make It Anywhere

Sheesh, build an Empire State Building out of Erector Sets at Rockefeller Center and the NY Times still thinks you’re dead:

The greatest enchantments at Inhotim are produced by works that not only draw on powerful subconscious currents but that also could only have come into being in this place, in Brazil. I am thinking, for instance, about Chris Burden’s ”Beam Drop,” a sculpture that — like a lot of work by this artist, who is so steeped in art-world legend it sometimes seems surprising that he exists and is still at work — was realized only once before, in 1984, in a version that has disappeared.

Never mind that Burden made another “Beam Drop” in Antwerp. Or that the original “Beam Drop” was made in New York, too.
Meanwhile, this is as good a time as any to hate on the insanely intrusive ads that pop over Every. Single. #$)(%*ing. Page of T Magazine? It’s like walking into Saks and getting spritzed by a hundred perfume salespeople desperate not to lose their jobs.