Shaquille O’Neal Curates An Art Exhibit

Well known Twitter pioneer Shaquille O’Neal is curating an exhibition next February titled “Size DOES Matter,” which will look at the issue of scale in contemporary art. The show will take place at the Flag Art Foundation, which was founded by the collector/ friend Glenn Fuhrman. In reporting on Bloomberg’s initial report, the LA Times’s David Ng talked a little critic trash:

One has to wonder how much “curating” O’Neal actually did for the exhibition and whether the whole thing is just a savvy publicity stunt for the Flag Art Foundation, whose main backer is collector Glenn Fuhrman, a co-managing partner of MSD Capital LP.

Since no one put scare quotes around “curating” or questioned the Louvre’s motives when they asked non-curator Umberto Eco to curate an exhibition, I will assume that Ng is really referring to the way everyone from bloggers to windowdressers are curating now.
Shaquille O’Neal, art curator? [, original hed: “Shaquille O’Neal says curating is no slamdunk” ]