Which Crystalline Minimalism?

I’m fine with somethings in the air, and zeitgeists, and influences, and inspirations, and appropriations. When I finish some of these Dutch Landscape paintings, I’ll go up to Mary Heilmann and Gerhard Richter and a dozen other folks and give them each a big ol’ hug.
But what I don’t like is thinking I’m having my own thoughts and ideas, then getting blindsided by a trend. So until I can delve a little deeper into what painter Steve DiBenedetto means here, I’m going to have to be a little pissed off with myself:

One thing led to another, and it ended up being a reference to Gothic stuff or some of this crystalline Minimalism we’re dealing with now.

Steve DiBenedetto
Breaking the ice–and the surface–with the painter.
By T.J. Carlin
[timeout.com via two coats of paint]