Other Barcelona Pavilion Photomural

Hah, it didn’t occur to me until I started looking into the history of photomurals, and–thanks to Michael Lobel’s great exploration of contemporary photography and scale in the new Artforum–I sucked it up and started reading Michael Fried’s new book about the new forme tableau photographic hotness, but this thing looks like that thing:
Lot 360 Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona Pavilion 1929 photomural, printed 1966, 2m x 3.5m [greg.org via lamodern]
Jeff Wall, Morning Cleaning, Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, 1999, 1.8m x 3.5m [image via tate.org.uk]
The photomural, printed by architect/curator Craig Ellwood for LACMA’s 1966 Mies van der Rohe retrospective, is, of course, of the original pavilion. Wall’s 1999 image is of the re-creation.