I’m Sure There’s A Product Here Somewhere

Yesterday I was looking around for something to take my iPad on the train, and I saw that it fits perfectly in the thick cardboard envelope my Cabinet magazine came in.
I love the idea of a found, cheap, repurposed iPad case that provides a decent amount of protection. But I also wonder if this could work even better in a slightly more advanced material. Maybe Kickstart a development plan, test out some small batches in various Kevlars and polycarbonates and whatnot.
Or maybe low-profile, recyclable cardboard is where it’s at. You could subscribe, and they’d send you a new iPad case when they start to wear out, maybe every quarter. And maybe entice you with a free magazine inside.
$31/100ct is a pretty good price for 9×11.5 inch kraft mailers. [esupplystore.com]
Amazon’s got 100ct for $49, which is alright. [amazon]