Looking Back [At The Undocumented Richard Neutra House I Found]

Ah, the memories. It was A year ago today that I began searching for a Richard Neutra house that was supposedly built in Utah, a hunting lodge commissioned by a Neutra client in Los Angeles, but which had never been identified or documented.
After charging me $10 for the same one-line info I had already found a half dozen places online, I gave up on the Neutra family/office. Who also wanted me to sign over, for free, all the copyrights for any photos I may eventually take of the house, should I ever actually find it.
Cold-calling the organization that preserves Utah’s historic buildings and architecture for information about the only Neutra house in the state, I was asked by more than one person if this was an April Fool’s prank.
Anyway, since finding, visiting, and publishing the house last year, well, not much, really. That’s fine.
Beckstrand Lodge, 1950