Sforzian Job Well Done!

The death of the Sforzian Backdrop has been greatly exaggerated.
They may not show it off every day, but it turns out that the Obama White House’s advance team speaks fluent Sforza. As these AP photos from the President’s congratulatory address to the soldiers at Fort Campbell, KY clearly demonstrate.
For starters, there’s that Patton-esque flag up top, plus the small bleacherful of racially diverse soldiers for the wallpaper effect,
a motif that was so popular in the Bush era [and so hilariously screwed up in the brief McCain phase.] Check out all the cell phone cameras in the photo above. Don’t recall that ever happening in the wallpaper before.
Looks like they used camo netting instead of regular bunting or blue curtain to cover the barricade there.
And check out that fresh new banner, hung on the side, so that:
Here’s a nice wide angle shot to see how the staging comes together:
But if there’s a difference, besides the frequency, I guess, between staged military events in the Bush and Obama eras, it’s this: you just never know, so save yourself a peck of trouble down the line
and don’t stand under the banner.
[all Ft. Campbell images via ap]