I Copy Therefore I Am Superflex

I’m always thinking of the Danish artist collaborative Superflex in terms of media or information, action or activism. But they sure can make some fine-looking, seemingly commodifiable art objects, too.
A few years ago, as part of their Copyshop franchise project, Superflex had made T-shirts with Barbara Kruger’s iconic painting altered to read, “I copy, therefore I am.” But this year, their Copenhagen dealer Nils Staerk had a full-scale [111×113-in] printed vinyl version on view at Art Basel.
In addition to their videos, Staerk’s site has some other graphic works and objects, including this pleasantly Brillo-esque corner pyramid of FREE BEER cases from 2007. [Which is far more resilient than, and not to be confused with, Cyprien Gallard’s recent pyramid of free beer at KW-Berlin.]