The Plying Of Lot 52

This is pretty awesome. Or it was, for the second there when I first saw the thumbnail in the lot list and thought Maurizio was channeling Baldessari or Prince or whomever.
this lot is of a challenging nature. those of a delicate sensibility may with not to view it. click here if you still wish to view this lot.
It’d still make a nice painting, though. And it does make you wonder about all the other lots.
Lot 52, Sale 7990, London, King Street
Maurizio Cattelan (b. 1960)
est. £900,000 – £1,200,000
UPDATE: Hmm, GalleristNY discovered the exact same image–that’s been online for over a month–and made the exact same Baldessari comment just thirty minutes after I posted it. Great minds.
UPDATE UPDATE Hah, “This lot is of a challenging nature and hanging over the bar at our Vanity Fair party. With a spotlight on it.”