Ben Schumacher, Images As/Of Work

Electrum @ Reference with Hugh Scott Douglas, 2011
Oh, man, basically every thing in Ben Schumacher’s shows and his source and reference material and his investigations and archive divings and whatever the hell else in his tumblrs is just giving me the shivers right now with its awesomeness.
I mean, what even is it? Is it a photo of a piece? Of an installation? Or a scan of something? Or a collage or–basically, yes, exactly. It’s like it knows it’s being seen on a tumblr.
Worse is a smallish tumblr, just 8pgs so far, from whence the above image was ganked [worse]
——2- is longer, and it ruined my evening schedule because I could not skip anything [——2-]
RO/LU, of course, has an excellent eye for the works, and a link to an interview that makes much sense, also he had a car window shipped from eBay straight to Bob Nickas, which is hilarious. [rolu]