How I Am Either Frankie Or Andy In This Scenario

I went to the Goethe Institute’s Lunch Bytes panel today, primarily to hear poet and Ubu founder Kenneth Goldsmith. So I was caught off guard when I introduced myself, started my fanboi spiel, and he goes, “You’re! It’s so great to finally meet you!” and so on.
Whether he was just being smooth or polite or had an actual fanboi moment himself, it was very cool. And we signed each others’ books, chatted a bit, and agreed to keep in better touch.
It all reminded me of a quote inside the 2-disc LP of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome To The Pleasuredome:
“I get buzzed off the fact that Andy Warhol’s heard of us, because he gets buzzed off the fact that Picasso had heard of him.”
Which really only proves that I’m old enough to have unnostalgically bought an LP.