You Can Have A Secret Or A Publicist.

That Richard Prince, he’s got more secrets than a busload of priests heading for the border.
I just heard from a tipster [publicist] that under the busy photocollaged label of each can of the limited edition AriZona Beverage Richard Prince Lemon Fizz, the artist has hidden his signature, and one of his dumb jokes.
So when the samples the tipster so kindly FedExed me arrived, I peeled one off, and sure enough:

Two cannibals were eating
a clown. When one turned to
the other and said, “Does he
taste funny to you?”
My Lemon.
Richard Prince

Which, holy smokes, these look approximately one million percent better. Why do we not have beverages in plain aluminum cans, with whatever text mumbo jumbo is required printed on the bottom? Or at least let us strip our beverages of their branded skins like this more often.
There are apparently five different jokes hidden under Richard Prince Lemon Fizz, which means Prince/AriZona collectors will need to keep buying and peeling them until they’re sure they’ve got the complete set. And only then can they stockpile the still-wrapped versions.
It also poses a problem for the artist John Dogg, who’ll have to decide which version of the can to use in his signature doorway curtains.
As for me, I’ll take my cue from Willem de Kooning’s assessment of Leo Castelli, as told by Jasper Johns: you give this son of a bitch two Lemon Fizz cans, and I’ll sell’em.