Paris Marching In Place: The Sforzian Montage

image: crowds at the Place de la Republique, via reuters, I think
Europe. The states of Europe, united against terrorism and intolerance as they marched through the streets of Paris yesterday, led by the families of those killed this week,
image: ap
and the heads of dozens of countries–including those countries where journalists are regularly jailed, flogged, and killed–marching arm in arm, marching, mar–wait, don’t march yet. Everyone in front, look up and…OK, march now.
image by unknown, maybe TF1, via @rukhasgunsalu
As anyone who spent a moment contemplating the security nightmare might have guessed, the assembled leaders were actually not among the regular Charlies, but were instead marching in place, for the cameras, on a sealed-off street. If you thought otherwise, it might be because you were meant to. From the photos and slideshows, it sure could have seemed like one Paris March. As Twitter user Gonzalo put it, “Los líderes mundiales no encabezaron la Marcha de París, pero hicieron un montaje para hacernos creer que sí.”
A montage to make us believe they are. Instead of simply crafting a single, standalone image, make a photo-op that blends seamlessly into the broader visual narrative of the event. I believe this colonization of a montage represents an advance in Sforzian technique which warrants more investigation. Stay tuned.