Sturtevant’s Relâche

Relâche, 1967, via Christie’s
Sturtevant’s Relâche poster, from her canceled reperformance of a Picabia original. Or rather, a reperformance of Picabia’s original cancelation.
Either way, I’m kind of reluctant to draw any attention to this silk screened edition before the sale, it seems so approachable.
If you do end up buying it out from under me, let me know, and I’ll trade you a painting or something for it. Nah, it’s got too many condition issues, maybe we trade it for a clean drawing or print instead.
Mar 6, 2015, Lot 197, Sturtevant, Relâche, ed. 7/10, 1967, silkscreen on paper, est. $5-7,000 update:, sold for $12,500, so a $10k final bid, not bad. [christies]