The Complete Agnes Martin GIFs: A Retrospective

[UPDATE: Now that the Guggenheim’s show has closed, we can call this a retrospective. I’m pleased to announce Agnes Martin: The Complete GIFs, which will remain on continuous loop, I guess.]
Oh my goodness.
“When your eyes are open you see beauty in anything.” [via]
Oh look, here is another one.

“To live an absolutely original life one has only to be oneself.” [via]
I have a feeling this series is going to grow, so I will refrain from laying some Practice down.
“Happiness is being on the beam with life-to feel the pull of life.” [via]
Indeed, they continue. The hashtag is #WednesdayWisdom, but they missed last week. Probably mourning the Agnes Martin Vines we’ll never see.
They’re back.
“Beauty is the mystery of life.” [via]
The quotes change, but they use the same three paintings [in the order they first appear, starting from the top]: “Untitled #5” (1998), “Untitled #2” (1992), and “Gratitude” (2001).
“Happiness is our real condition.” [via]
Is it too early to spot a trend? Both “Untitled #5” quotes are about beauty, and both “Gratitude” quotes are about happiness.” The IRL show closes in a week, is this the last one?
Oh, wait, I appear to have missed this, the actual second one, from the day before the show opened. It throws off my trend, and it is also the only sequential painting repeat.
“These paintings are about freedom from the cares of the world.” [via]
[Curator’s note: these animated GIFs were created by the Guggenheim Museum and used to promote the Agnes Martin retrospective on Twitter. These are all the published examples, but it occurs to me now to check with the Museum to see if others were produced and not used, and perhaps to explore their creation. Stay tuned.]
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