To Snuggle, To Lift

Lenore Tawney, Cloud Garment and Ear Pillow, both 1982, exhibited in 2018 at the Fabric Museum & Workshop, image:

Yesterday art historian Andrew Wasserman posted an extraordinary work by Lenore Tawney. Cloud Garment was made in 1982 during an artist residency at the Fabric Museum & Workshop. According to the artist’s foundation website, Cloud Garment is “a conceptual piece that evokes the feeling of wrapping oneself in a cloud.” An archival photo of Tawney wrapped in Cloud Garment shows that what here appears as a bottom edge has fabric printed with musical notation, like Ear Pillow, on the left.

Richard Serra, To Lift, 1967, 36 x 80 x 60 in., vulcanized rubber, collection: Glenstone

The form here reminds me of one of the most perfect Richard Serra sculptures, To Lift, made in 1967 of a sheet of vulcanized rubber. Which is now more perfect by the associations the Tawney piece introduces. The mind suddenly reels.