Wade Guyton Simulacrum Facsimile Object

Untitled, 2020, 84 x 69 in., image via Matthew Marks

My first thought on seeing the image of this Wade Guyton painting was of a burning cop car in Brooklyn surrounded by artists with easels and Epson printers. And by the time the Epson printer’s done, the fire is out.

Sam McKinniss, Cop Car in Brooklyn, 2020, 11×14 in., oil on linen, via JTT

Then Alex Greenberger called Guyton’s painting of Manet’s The Ham “a simulacrum” while noting the Manet is currently on loan to The Met.

Untitled, 2023, 84 x 69 in., image via Matthew Marks

And it occurred to me that while the untitled painting itself is Guyton-size, Guyton’s image of The Ham is basically true to the size of the Manet. With both on view in New York simultaneously, there really is no need for a Facsimile Object of either of them, but a Guyton’s Manet’s Ham Facsimile Object would look a little something like this:

Study for Wade Guyton Facsimile Object (G1), 16.25 x 12.75 in., 2023, jpg