Charline von Heyl Painting Wall

Charline von Heyl, 58 little paintings on burlap, installation view, via

How I missed this, I cannot even imagine, but you and I still have four days to get to Petzel in Chelsea to see this wall of 58 smaller paintings by Charline von Heyl.

They range from 10×8 to 24×18 inches. And though a couple have oil or charcoal, too, they’re acrylic on burlap, so they must be a distinct painting experience from the 7-ft tall, (mostly) oil on linen ones. There are 15 of those in the show, too, ofc.

[a few hours later update: why are so many of these little paintings titled “Paradoxical Lamb,” and did it come from a BYU Religious Studies analysis of the symbolism of Revelations? The mind reels.]