From The River To Macy’s

Minions’ job market’s never been tighter. img: Brandon Wilner via Lux-Magazine‘s social media

There are many, many images from the last few weeks that will haunt us for a very long time. But some hit an entirely different frequency, like Brandon Wilner’s photo, above, from the Macy’s parade.

From the Bronx to the Battery, Manahatta will be free! image via LuckyTran’s bluesky

Or the images of Writers Block intervening as an IOF contractor paraded down the Wickquasgeck Trail.

the Hamasburglar slumped forward, image: Abraham McZapruder, according to theserfstv’s bsky

Look at his face, Grimace was clearly stunned, and is probably rethinking some things rn, under the menacing eye of 60-foot inflatable Ronald McDonald.