Margiela Artisanal Cardboard, Rover, Bunny, Beanie

The Maison Margiela Artisanal show was fascinating and felt strong, of a piece, current if not exactly new. If anything, it echoed some of the trashy Belle Epoque collections Galliano did for Dior around 2000, maybe more unsettled, which is fair. Rewatching it on a big screen, a couple of things really jumped out:

The pieces made of stiffened, pleated/ruched silk, I assume, that resemble corrugated cardboard.

The little rover shooting on the far side of the underpass was far less noticeable at first than the interior camera operators.

[The way almost everyone in the audience was recording their own phone videos, OTOH, was inescapable.]

Oh yes, here are four people recording on their ph—WTF that person is wearing a literal bunny outfit. I know it is from the Fall 2022 Artisanal collection, but I do not care; I want to go back to not seeing it please.

Ditto the white beanie, bro. While we are trying to grasp a vision of a future teetering elegantly in front of us, this pickme white headgear keeps snapping us back to the past. Of course, the past is never past, not for culture, not for fashion, and not for Galliano.